Different Types of Cysts on Ovaries
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Different Types of Cysts on Ovaries – Natural Home Treatment

Ovarian cysts are very common among women and because there are so many different types of cyst, it is important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible, in order to determine what action needs to be taken.

The most common type of ovarian cysts are caused by slight abnormalities in the functioning of the ovaries and these are called functional cysts, of which there are two types, follicular and luteal. The abnormal cysts are very different to the functional cysts because they are the result of abnormal cell growth. They consist of endometrial, dermoid and polycystic cysts. This doesn’t mean that they are all cancerous, in most cases they are simply benign growths but it is important to define what type of cyst a woman has before making any decisions with regard to treatment.

It is normal practice for a doctor to prescribe a course of hormonal tablets and then tell the patient to sit back and wait to see what happens so that the growth of the ovarian cyst can be monitored. In the event of the cyst already being large and troublesome, then the normal course of action would be surgery. However, women all over are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with this course of events since quite often their cysts grow bigger whilst they are waiting, and all too often risky surgery is advised, which in some cases leads to damage of the ovaries and difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Now a lot of these problems can be avoided by women taking control of their own bodies and implementing some dietary changes, which in most cases will not only help shrink the cysts but will prevent it from recurring.

The following changes in diet are recommended:

It is necessary to cut back on estrogen laden foods and carbohydrates since these foods are known to power cysts. The consumption of too much estrogen rich foods aids the growth of cysts, whilst too many carbs not only leads to weight gain, but the estrogen gets stored in fat cells and this excess encourages the growth of ovarian cysts that fail to dissolve naturally. For any woman who thinks she may have the signs of an ovarian cyst, it is really important to change to a low carbohydrate diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, oil rich fish and soy products and foods that are high in fibre.

As mentioned previously, cut back on estrogen rich foods such a tomatoes, non organic red meat and dairy products and it would be wise to take lycopene gel caps to replace the anti-oxidant benefits of tomatoes. Also cut back on alcohol and avoid iron supplements, unless they have been prescribed by a doctor for anaemia. Cancer cells are known to feed on iron and that is the reason why it is important to cut back on red meat which is rich in iron.

Whilst adopting this dietary change it would also be beneficial to take a multi vitamin pill to make sure your diet is well balanced.

Changing your diet is just one way that you can help alleviate pain and start to shrink the cyst and prevent it from coming back.

So many women are led to believe that medication and surgery are their only options when it comes to treating their different types of cysts, but trust me when I say that natural treatments are very effective not only for relieving paink, but also for shrinking the cysts.