Perks of Staying At Home During Extreme Weather
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Perks of Staying At Home During Extreme Weather

There are many positive effects to staying at home. This is because you may utilize the extra stuff in your house to your advantage. This includes the excess food in your refrigerator. This food can be put to use for the sake of survival. These include bread, old frozen stuff, cheese, yoghurt, eggs drinks and anything found in your refrigerator.

If there is any chance of a power failure because of the strictly severe conditions, you may cook up all your food and freeze it. The frozen stuff will last a long time; long enough for you to cook and store the food and this will further give you some survival chances.

Staying at home and getting protected from the outside calamities can be very useful for your property and possessions. For instance, stuff lying outside like washing machines can be brought inside and can be protected from damages.

You may protect your windows by shutting them tight and putting wooden plates over the glass. Lights that are outside can be removed and brought inside. Things that may be destroyed by water can be put to higher areas.

The shelter can be very useful in majority of the calamities. It can offer much more resistance to cold, snowfall, winds and rain. You may light up natural fires in your living room fireplaces to remain warm and safe.

Bugging out will make you devoid of all your possessions like warm and clean clothes, bed, pillows, televisions etc. Staying at home will provide you with all these comforts and will make the difficult time much more bearable for you.

Staying at home in a difficult time will make your time much more satisfying and less boring. Since you will be staying with your family and loved ones, your stay will be more fun and enjoyable.

Also it will be a great opportunity to bond with the family during the difficult time. As normally the members of the families tend to be very busy in their own lives, now everyone will have to stay at home with nothing much to do except work together for their survival. This will bring the family together and have a chance to appreciate the time spent together.

During situations of chaos and war, the people tend to get very confused and scared. The looters and criminals then try to take advantage of them and end up looting the property. In cases of bugging out the looters, may take advantage of the deserted property and take away your valued possessions. Staying home will keep such risks at the minimum and ensure the safety of your property.