Our Inheritance As Well As Your Health
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Your Inheritance As Well As Your Health

You inherited your genes out of your parents, combined with the “energy” they possessed — what ancient Chinese doctors known to as “Chi.” The force or weakness of the inherited energy plays an absolute role in your height of immunity, as well as your temperament to certain kinds of illnesses. For instance, if someone’s parents are people who smoke, chances are that they’ll inherit “unbalanced” lung energy. That imbalance would be the very factor that predisposes generation x to smoking, or any other practices which deplete lung strength.

This is also true using the liver, if a person’s parents consume an excessive amount of alcohol. This is the way designs of physical problems appear in families, generation after generation. But while you can inherit genetic vulnerabilities, you may also strengthen yourself, and mitigate, or perhaps eliminate, potential health issues with the age-old health practices of Oriental Medicine like acupuncture & acupressure, Chinese herbal formulas, and Chi Kung.

The strength of Oriental Medicine

Oriental Prescription medication is a cost-effective healthcare experience that yields results. Most of the stress-related discomforts and illnesses you face today are avoidable, and effectively treated using Oriental Medicine. By concentrating on rejuvenating and looking after your own body’s vitality and defense mechanisms, Oriental Medicine addresses the particular health challenges you face today and actively works to prevent disease tomorrow.

Cat Bradshaw is really a licensed acupuncturist, by having an advanced clinical degree in Oriental Medicine. Studying and dealing with Oriental Medicine since 1986, Cat combines Traditional Oriental Medicine with Taoist healing techniques to provide healing options beyond the amount of standard healthcare. Her deep knowledge of Chinese medical herbal treatments, coupled with her intuitive capabilities to identify and treat difficult problems, has assisted lots of people get back and keeps their own health.