How to Treat Your Hair with Dandruff
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How to Treat Your Hair with Dandruff

Dandruff, if in excessive amounts, it can be embarrassing and cause relationship problems. In addition to shampoos and creams for specific treatments to scalp present on the market, it is possible to adopt healthy eating habits that prevent this annoying problem or resort to natural products to combat it effectively. In this tutorial, we will see together how to treat the hair with dandruff.

Those most at risk for the formation of dandruff are men because they produce quantity more sebum than women. Tends to disappear after 40 years or so, is not due to lack of hygiene, indeed very often the result of too much stress and suffers a third of the population. In addition to being an aesthetic problem, dandruff can cause redness, burning and itching, so you should keep it under control.

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp and can be either fat or dry, so before any treatment is good to recognize the type of dandruff or consult a dermatologist if in doubt. One of the most popular natural remedies is the use of clay. Green clay for oily dandruff, dry white for that, to be distributed at the base of the hair before the final rinse.

Other natural remedies are: Apply a few drops of vinegar or oil flax on the scalp before shampooing and massage for a few minutes, or prepare compresses of lemon and olive oil to rub on the hairline. The lemon will help to detach more easily unsightly scabs sebaceous.

A food very helpful in fighting dandruff is the beet. By boiling the leaves and flowers in unsalted water you get an infusion to be applied on damp hair. Or prepare in 200 ml of water with half a tablespoon of an infusion of nettle flowers dried. Only, let cool and sprinkle on the scalp. Nutrition plays an important role in the formation of dandruff: Eat foods rich in Omega-3, vitamin B and iron. Fish and shellfish, eggs, nuts, legumes, liver, beef, plenty of fruits and vegetables should be the staple diet for those who suffer from dandruff. Limit cheese and fries completely eliminated, alcohol and fizzy drinks.

With regard to the shampoo, choose delicate, possibly at neutral pH. Wash the hair with cold water and brush hairs gently to distribute the foam, making it so effective and eliminate the scales of sebum. Dry them naturally or with medium air / cold if you use the hair dryer. The treatments with anti-dandruff products, on average, should be carried out three times a week. In the case of oily dandruff, wash your hair daily.