How to Get Soft Shiny Hair
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How to Get Soft Shiny Hair

Almost everyone wants to know how to make the soft and shiny hairs. This article helps you to get the healthy and soft hairs by home remedies without causing any side effects. There are various reasons that people face many hair problems. Shiny hair illustrates the delicacy, strength, youthfulness and health. Here are some methods to keep the hair healthy and shiny without visiting any beauty salons mentioned below


Eggs are beneficial for hair and give you healthy and soft hair. Take 2 -4 eggs (according to the length of the hair) and breaks into the bowl. Also remove the yolk from the whites and put it into the bowl and also add the olive oil just to mask the yolk. Apply shampoo on your hair and rinse with lukewarm water and then apply this mixture and keep it for 5-6 minutes, after 5-6 minutes wash your hair with cold water. This is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Aloe Vera and honey

You can make the blend of aloe Vera gel and honey and massage the dry hair and keep it for 5-10 minutes. Also beware that aloe Vera gel does not consists of harmful chemicals like alcohols. You can also apply the blend of jojoba oil and honey. This will really very useful for hair and make your hair healthy and soft.

Also always choose the shampoo and conditioner that consists of mint and tea tree oil for oiliness and also go for branded shampoos and conditioners.

You can give the massage to the hair with the baby oil 4-6 hours before washing.

For shiny looks you can apply the lemon juice with the apple cider vinegar in the roots. This is also one of the best home remedy for the hair.

Mayonnaise is also very beneficial for shiny hair. Apply mayonnaise on the hairs and wrapped your hair with towel for an hour. Then wash your hair with the shampoo and there is no need to use the conditioner on the hair. This will also make you hair healthy and shiny.