Easy pedicure tips followed
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Easy Pedicure Tips That Can Be Followed At Home

Your skin is an important organ and it absorbs around 60% of the things that you put on your skin. That’s the reason most dermatologists suggest to use the natural beauty products and ingredients. The natural beauty product covers the essentials that are necessary for your body, and these rudiments can be obtained from the scrubs, foundations, moisteners, face masks, hair conditioners shampoos, and much more.

Taking care of your body with the Duri cosmetics that has the natural ingredients, which has the capacity to result in a youthful and radiant skin. Here are few pedicure tips that are easy to perform at home and also impacts on your skin and personality.

Things you need for pedicure

  1. Nail file, nail cutter, nail paint remover, baby oil, cuticle oil or cream, nail polish, and cotton pads.
  2. Large bowl to soak your feet and towel to dry your feet.
  3. Pumice stone, exfoliating scrub, foot file
  4. Foot moisturizer creams

Steps to give pedicure at home

Remove the nail paints if it exists

Rub your nails with the cotton pads that are dipped in the nail paint remover solution. Nail polish remover is acetone free and contains alcohol takes less time to dry, but this is not same with the darker shades. Make sure you use the lighter shades to paint your nails.

Soak your feet

Fill the large basin with warm water that covers your ankles and feet, add:

  • A half cup of bath salt, it works like a balm and pacifies the inflammations by lessening the roughness and eases your muscle pain.
  • Add few drops of lemon to your feet and wash them, or use any other alternative liquid or shampoo as per your desire.
  • If you prefer using essential oils then eucalyptus or lavender oil would be a great choice. Lavender oil helps to rejuvenate and relaxes your skin, also ease your nerves. The eucalyptus oil works like an antiseptic and disinfectant and relieves the feet from aching.
  • Add some small pebbles in the bowl and place the feet on them for an excellent massage experience.
  • Pull your chair and relax back while you soak your feet in the bowl for 15-20 minutes. Once the process is completed dry your feet with a cotton material towel.

File and trim your nails

Make sure you use the high-quality nail clippers to clip your toenails and cut your toenails straight just above your skin, which doesn’t exceed over the toe tips. Use at least 2-3 cuts on each nail and clip the whole nail at one go and careful with the skin. Make sure you don’t cut the corners at extreme ends because it might result in painful malformed nails.

Use a nail filer to file your nails at one direction until it’s rounded and even at the corners. Try using the metal file because it can rip the nails and use the fine grades surface that helps to smooth your nails and thickens your nail surface for shaping.