Suitable Creams for Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks

Suitable Creams for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a very common problem especially in women.

They appear on the skin due to sudden expansion and contraction of the skin due to weight gain or pregnancy. They mostly appear on the thighs, breasts, or tummy. Many people will avoid showing these and some therefore change their dress code because of this; others wear clothes they are not comfortable in to conceal the unsightly marks.

They are many creams which have been developed over the years to deal with this common problem or at least help reduce their visibility on the skin. This has however made it difficult for the users to select a cream that they can trust will deal with problem.

These creams are readily available and one can even order them online. It is however important to conduct research before settling on any one given cream. Information is available on websites on various products and their effectiveness, quality and respective prices and this gives you the ability to compare the various products which are available.

While browsing, check out some of the comments from the people who have used these creams. Rarely will people give false information and therefore one can pretty much trust these comments. This will give you confidence that if it has worked for others, then it is more than likely to work for you. However, this isn’t a given, remember that different creams work differently for everyone. Also, check the ingredients that have been used for making the various creams.

A cream prepared from natural ingredients can be more trusted than one with a lot of additives. They are suitable for many skin types and are known to work from inside and therefore have no side effects after discontinuation in their usage. It is good to know products that react with your skin so that you can avoid what is contained in that particular product. From research carried out on the various products available on the internet, the following three were found to be the most used and effective in doing away with stretch marks.

Tri-lastin SR

Rated as the best, tri-lastin removes stretch marks from inside and at the same time treats any discoloration caused by the stretching of the skin. The results of usage of this product are visible within three weeks and it is said to work for all skin types. A full refund of your money is guaranteed if the cream does not work.  The results from this and how effective it is are almost 100 percent.


This type is a cream which is used in preventing the manifestation of stretch marks mostly by women before and after bearing children. The cream is made with consideration of the delicate skin of pregnant women and therefore they can trust that it will not harm them. It is also easy to apply and helps increase the elasticity of the skin, in turn preventing the emergence of new stretch marks.


This cream works over a period of about four weeks during which it produces an even toned skin and removes old or deeper stretch marks, producing a glowing skin as a result.  A full money-back guarantee after 90 days of usage is offered if there are no positive results produced.

There are other products which are known to remove stretch marks. Creams that contain cocoa butter as an ingredient, such as Palmer Cream, and these too have a history of preventing appearance of stretch marks.

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