Common Diet Myths Facts
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Common Diet Myths and Facts

Many of us strive to shed the extra weight from our body within earliest possible time. To do this job we can adopt anything related to the weight loss process. We can diet, eating healthy foods, taking diet pills, supplements, doing workouts and what not. But, at the end of the day we can’t count our progress remarkably. It’s happened not because of our fate, but it’s happened as a result of myths and fads regarding the weight loss issue. There are significant numbers of myths available, which are widely followed by people around the world. This can lead the way to more complex situation in weight loss process.

I have written down about 10 common diet myths and fads regarding the issue. You can read it to check whether something needs to be changed or adopt newly.


Consuming enough foods will not affect while performing exercise!

It’s a very common misconception widely recognized among the people. Following this misconception, we don’t even care about the food and its type at the time of workout. But, it’s very wrong. Because, if your workout doesn’t worth of burning your consumed food. Then it will certainly pave the way to gain more weight in course of time.


Fat rich diets are always bad for health?

Sometimes it is true that if you tend to consume more fat than the demand, then it will pave the way to gain more extra weight in body. Therefore in most of the cases people want to stick on the low fat diet while on the way to weight loss process.

However, you need to know the important facts about the fats. Our body needs to consume a certain amount of fat for properly functioning. These are likely:

  • Producing energy
  • Repairing tissue
  • Transporting different types of vitamins (like A,D,E) inside the body

Health professionals recommend consuming 95 gram of fat for men and 70 gram for women. The minimum amount is 30 gram for women and 40 gram for men.

But, you should avoid taking saturated fats, as it is awfully harmful for the body.


Cutting down the daily meals?

I had seen so many examples of cutting down the daily meals while someone was trying to lose weight. It’s a very common intention among the people to think like that. But, I would like to inform you that cutting down your daily meals won’t help in weight loss process, it will make you weak and sick in course of time. This tendency will also slow down the metabolism process.

Therefore, it’s better to take smaller meals frequently instead of cutting 1/2 bigger daily meals.


Late night meals can be worse!

There are so many writings about the adverse effects of taking food late at night. You will find almost everyone seems to believe that late night meal is dangerous. It’s true in some extent, if someone tends to eat more than enough foods at night. But, from the recent studies it is being discovered that the calories being taken throughout the day is important than just counting calories at night. You have to consider a 24 hours period to calculate your calorie consuming.


Slower metabolism prevents weight loss process?

I have found so many sources that emphasizes on the metabolism process while trying to get rid of the extra weight. I learned that slower the metabolism, lower the weight losing process. It’s not true in some aspects, as metabolism occurs in accordance with the body structure. If your body is larger, then your metabolism will be faster in comparison to your nearest one who belongs a slimmer structure. So, metabolism differs person to person.


Will low calorie foods help you to lose weight?

There are significant sources of low calorie food available out there. These are likely mushrooms, turnips, tomatoes, watermelon, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery and so forth. People seem to believe that low calorie food could be a potential source to reduce weight. It is true in some aspects. But, sticking on low calorie foods can lead you a monotonous life. That is why it is better to make a combination of all foods that can bring diversity in appetite.


Can diet pills make the weight loss process faster?

I have seen so many friends of mine who were compelled to take diet pills as they didn’t find any time for performing any kinds of workouts throughout the days. They were doing desk jobs. So, after few days of trying several ways they eventually switched to the diet pills. But, it didn’t help a lot as they couldn’t stick on any process for longer period of time.


Will fat burning food accelerate the weight loss process?

Fat burning foods refer to those which can help to burn fat from the body in course of time. There are significant numbers of fat burning food available in your nearest super store. These are likely- Cardamon, grapefruit, garlic, coconut oil, mustard oil, salmon and many other foods. But, eating fat burning foods alone can’t help you in weight loss process, while you keep yourself apart from other source of foods and workouts.


Grain products are fattening!

There are two kinds of grain products available. Such as:

  • Whole grain
  • Refined grain

Examples of whole grain products are- brown rice, whole wheat bread, pasta etc.

Refined grains are usually ground, processed, and free of bran and germ. Iuran BPJS Ketenagakerjaan It is scientifically proven that eating whole grain foods can help us lose weight to some extent. These foods stay in the intestines for a longer time, which can make us feel fuller in the stomach. So, it is not a wise approach to separate you from all kinds of whole grain foods.


Dairy foods are fattening!

Some of the dairy products like-cheese, yogurt, and whole milk dairy products can be great source of fat. But, if these are skimmed, then they are considered as healthy as before. Thus, you can stick on your dairy favorite products by knowing few facts.