Tournament Tip for Poker

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Tournament Tip for Poker

Tournament Tip for Poker

A player doesn’t have to be incredibly lucky or be an expert player to do well in an online poker tournament. Anyone can do well if they know some basic strategy of when to fold and when to push through. By confidently asserting good hands and passing the bet on bad hands, the player can outperform anyone who relies on bluffs, heavy handed betting, and luck to pull them through.

Fold Often

It may seem counterintuitive to fold many hands when trying to win a poker tournament, but the experts maintain that more hands should be folded than played. Players who think they have to play through and bet on every hand will quickly run out of money and be forced to exit the tournament. Smarter players will quickly recognize losing hands and will duck out of the hand, choosing to play their money on much stronger hands.

Knowing when to Bet Big

The above advice only works, though, if a player also knows when to stick with a hand. In the early stages of a tournament, the goal is just to stay in the game. That means a player should only play through with the strongest of hands, while letting other, less experience players lose their money. In the later stages of the tournament, when the blinds get progressively larger, players can less afford to throw away hands. As the tournament reaches its end, players should bet more aggressively and occasionally push some weaker hands.

By refusing to play with weak hands, players can stay in the tournament far longer than if they had attempted to play every hand. Then, when it really matters, they can pull out big bets and win.