Pai Gow Strategy Tips

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Pai Gow Strategy Tips

Pai Gow Strategy Tips

Poker fans around the world are getting in on the excitement at the pai gow poker table. This latest variation brings an interesting challenge to classic poker and requires some basic poker strategies along with a few techniques that are unique to the game of pai gow.

Understand the Objective

Unlike most table poker games, pai gow poker is played against the banker rather than the other players. The other primary difference is that you will need to create two winning hands rather than just one and there are no opportunities to draw new cards. Each player is dealt seven cards that must be used to create a high hand of five cards and a second hand of two. Both hands must beat the two hands of the banker.

Brush up on Poker Strategies

The best pai gow poker strategy tip is to know the basics of a winning poker hand. This is particularly important in pai gow because you’re playing with two hands. One joker is included in the pai gow deck so the highest possible kind is five aces. Other major hands rank respectively in the same way as other poker games, down to hands that contain two pairs or even a single pair.

Be the Banker

Not every pai gow poker table will allow participating players to take the role of the banker, but finding one that does is a great way to improve your strategy. The banker has a slightly higher advantage than the other players so the chance of winning is a bit better as well. Some casinos use their own banker, but at many tables, the position can rotate among the players.

Pai gow poker strategies are a lot like traditional table poker strategies, like totobet. It’s very important to understand how to create a winning poker hand, especially since you need to hold two in pai gow poker.