Omaha Splits Poker

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Omaha Splits Poker

Omaha Splits Poker

Of all of the variations of poker from which to choose on the internet these days, Omaha Splits is certainly not the most popular. However, players who are looking for something a little different may find this game to be a perfect fit.

What is Omaha Splits?

In Omaha Splits, special considerations are made for players who have qualifying low hands at the end of the round. In fact, there can be two winners instead of the usual one. These games are known as Hi/Lo Split games and are also sometimes referred to as Omaha Eight or Better; players need to have a hand that consists of nothing higher than an eight in order to qualify for the low hand benefits. If no low hand is found, the person with the highest hand wins the pot.

The Low Hand

In Omaha Splits, Aces can be used as a high or low card, depending on the player’s preference. Therefore, the lowest hand possible in the game is a hand that consists of an Ace, two, three, four and five–also known as the wheel. If two players have low hands with the same value, they will split the low half of the pot instead of playing any further; this is a process known as ‘Quartering’ as each of the two players wins one quarter of the cumulative pot.


Players who are involved in a game with an Ace or two on the board but do not have an Ace or a two in their hands are known to be counterfeiting. In this situation, players will have to use two cards from their hand and acquire three more low cards from the board in order to have a qualifying low hand. For instance, if a player holds and Ace and a two and there are a two, four, five, Jack and Queen on the board, that player cannot have a low hand as the two has a match.

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